What Should You Be Doing With Greywater?

Using greywater is a great way to feel like you're doing something positive for the environment, and at the same time saving money.  When it comes to using greywater on your property there a many things you should be aware of.  Here are 9 things that you are doing wrong with greywater. ...continue reading 9 Things You’re Doing Wrong With Greywater


We have just received exciting news that our new Gator Pro for houseboats can be used in South Australia.  This will have fantastic benefits for the houseboat owners in South Australia, and also for the health of the rivers. ...continue reading Gator Pro for Houseboats – The Greywater Solution



A successful vineyard manager has to juggle many variables to produce a great crop of grapes.  The regular and controlled delivery of water is a really important part of this puzzle. The pumps and the irrigation layout need to be operating well to supply the right amount of water.

pumps, vineyard


Recently Bruce had a call from the manager at Terindah Estate,  an award winning Bellarine Peninsula winery, enquiring about buying some fittings and pipe. Bruce guessed there might have been a reason behind the call, beyond the fittings and pipe. He offered to look over the installation of the pumps and irrigation system, and the manager jumped at the chance.

After initial inspection and on-site audit of the pump and irrigation layout, it was clear that the system needed more than a few fittings and pipe.  The telltale signs of dead vines and unharvested fruit  were signals that something wasn't working.

Together with the owner and manager, we formulated a step by step plan to tackle the inherent shortfalls of the irrigation system.  Step one was to upgrade the foundation of the system, which was the undersized, poorly performing pump.

pumps, replace vineyard pump

The New Pump

We selected a top of the range Lowara Multi Stage Pump equipped with the latest variable speed drive Hydrovar.  We have sold and recommended Lowara Pumps for many years.  Their performance and reliability are legendary.  The vertical multi stage pump is highly efficient, quiet and easy to maintain.  The Hydrovar pump controller offers protection from overload, under- and over-voltage, and overheating.

Pump and Hydrovar

The pump is now installed and commissioned and the manager is excited by the prospect of being able to run each zone to capacity and to maximum efficiency.  The Variable Speed Drive will bring power savings that will allow pay back of the system over a short period of time.


Pump and Hydrovar for winery

The next stage will be upgrading the existing drip tube to a more modern and efficient Netafim drip tube.

This step by step approach allows the upgrade of the entire system, but doing it in stages allows budgeting both in money and time available.

Wine Barrels

Do you have problems with your pump's performance?  If you need help, advice or would like any information, send us a message or give Bruce a call on 03 52585193.

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We love it when our customers send us photos of their installations. We were delighted when we received not only some great pictures, but also some short videos from a customer in outer Melbourne, who installed a Greywater Gator Pro. Greywater is too valuable to waste, and installing a Greywater Gator Pro is the easiest way to pump the water onto your garden. ...continue reading Greywater Gator Pro Installation