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About Us

I'm Sue and I work at Just Water Solutions, a company based on the Bellarine Peninsula in southern Victoria.  My role in the company is in computer based activities - internet, accounts and so on.  I love learning new things, and recently graduated from Swinburne University with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Italian. 

While I have been involved in the irrigation and pump industry for over 25 years, my knowledge could be described as "basic". It is my intention to keep my readers abreast with what's happening in Greywater in Australia. I will also showcase our company's innovations  But most importantly I will be giving simple explanations for things that people without a plumbing background (like me) would like to understand but don't know who to ask. So at times I will follow Bruce around and ask "stupid" questions so you don't have to!

Fortunately Bruce is well qualified to answer any questions you and I may have.  He started in the plumbing and irrigation industry almost 40 years ago.  He has a  Diploma in Irrigation and vast knowledge of pumps, irrigation and sprinkler systems. As well as installing countless domestic sprinkler and drip irrigation systems, he has recently been involved in a number of small vineyard irrigation systems.

Bruce is also a great innovator, and is responsible for the concept and design of our Greywater Gator, Gator Pro, Maxi 100 and the Gator Snap Tee.

Please feel free to comment or to ask for more information.