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What Should You Be Doing With Greywater?

Using greywater is a great way to feel like you're doing something positive for the environment, and at the same time saving money.  When it comes to using greywater on your property there a many things you should be aware of.  Here are 9 things that you are doing wrong with greywater. ...continue reading "9 Things You’re Doing Wrong With Greywater"


We have just received exciting news that our new Gator Pro for houseboats can be used in South Australia.  This will have fantastic benefits for the houseboat owners in South Australia, and also for the health of the rivers. ...continue reading "Gator Pro for Houseboats – The Greywater Solution"

Southern Victoria is in the midst of a chilly winter, although autumn’s soaking rains have eased.  We find that we still need to use our greywater on the garden, as we've had quite a few days of northerly, drying winds. ...continue reading "Grey Skies and Greywater"