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We love it when our customers send us photos of their installations. We were delighted when we received not only some great pictures, but also some short videos from a customer in outer Melbourne, who installed a Greywater Gator Pro. Greywater is too valuable to waste, and installing a Greywater Gator Pro is the easiest way to pump the water onto your garden. ...continue reading "Greywater Gator Pro Installation"

The Benefits of Greywater on your Garden

I can't think of a better way to demonstrate the benefits of using greywater on your garden, than the photos below.

The garden in our photos is now watered by one of our greywater units, diverting the greywater from the laundry and bathrooms.  The Gator Pro pumps the water directly into the dripper line, so the garden is automatically watered whenever water is used in the laundry, shower and bath. The greywater unit and the irrigation system were installed before a dry summer in southern Victoria. ...continue reading "Using Greywater On Your Garden"

It seems to be constantly raining in southern Victoria, and the rainwater tanks are full. I recently I flew up to Townsville in Far North Queensland. By the time you reach the top of Victoria, the intense green landscape has given way to the red sand of the dry inland.  It’s a good wake-up call because we become really complacent.  While we’re complaining about not getting the washing dry,  the rest of the country is still crying out for some rainfall. ...continue reading "Save Water with a Greywater Gator Pro"