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I recently posted quite a few photos of an in-ground Gator Pro installation.  Now I'd like to show you a Greywater Maxi 100, our largest unit, which was mounted on concrete under the customer's house. The plumber who installed it was kind enough to send us a photo of this Maxi 100. You can see how it looks when it's installed under the house. ...continue reading "Greywater Maxi 100 Installation"

I wrote this "Novice Guide" because I really didn't understand the difference between the 50mm Gator Pro and the 100mm Greywater units, or why there was a need for a 100mm Greywater Gator Maxi100. ...continue reading "Guide to Greywater Gator Pro – 100mm v 50mm"

It seems to be constantly raining in southern Victoria, and the rainwater tanks are full. I recently I flew up to Townsville in Far North Queensland. By the time you reach the top of Victoria, the intense green landscape has given way to the red sand of the dry inland.  It’s a good wake-up call because we become really complacent.  While we’re complaining about not getting the washing dry,  the rest of the country is still crying out for some rainfall. ...continue reading "Save Water with a Greywater Gator Pro"

Southern Victoria is in the midst of a chilly winter, although autumn’s soaking rains have eased.  We find that we still need to use our greywater on the garden, as we've had quite a few days of northerly, drying winds. ...continue reading "Grey Skies and Greywater"