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Greywater Maxi 100 Installation

I recently posted quite a few photos of an in-ground Gator Pro installation.  Now I'd like to show you a Greywater Maxi 100, our largest unit, which was mounted on concrete under the customer's house. The plumber who installed it was kind enough to send us a photo of this Maxi 100. You can see how it looks when it's installed under the house.

Installing your Greywater Maxi 100

I don't need to say anything else...look how perfect this installation is.  It's easy to see where the inlet, outlet and overflow pipes are.  You can understand how this unit will work.  The greywater from the house flows into the Gator on the right, from the laundry, bath and shower.  Also on the right is the overflow, piped out to the sewer.

On the left of the Maxi 100 is the outlet, which is being pumped to the garden irrigation system.

Greywater Maxi 100 Installation

If you are having problems with your plumber getting on board with installing a greywater unit, point him to these blogs and hopefully he or she will be able to visualise the project.

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