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Save Water with a Greywater Gator Pro

It seems to be constantly raining in southern Victoria, and the rainwater tanks are full. I recently I flew up to Townsville in Far North Queensland. By the time you reach the top of Victoria, the intense green landscape has given way to the red sand of the dry inland.  It’s a good wake-up call because we become really complacent.  While we’re complaining about not getting the washing dry,  the rest of the country is still crying out for some rainfall.

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Where we live the drought has been over for a couple of years.  But this hasn't dampened our belief in the need for households to save water and re-use grey water. When the drought ended we saw a reduction in our sales of Greywater Gators, (the more temporary measure for re-using greywater). However lots of customers are still installing permanent grey water units in new and existing houses.  Even in soggy Melbourne.

Gator Pro

We still manufacture Greywater Gators, and we are also now manufacturing the new Greywater Gator Pro and Maxi 100.  Our imported Gator Pro has been phased out.

Australian Made Gators

We are excited to be able to supply all Australian Made products, and the new models have been very well received. We have taken on board the comments and criticisms of customers, plumbers and sales people, and developed a more durable, commercial unit. The new Greywater Gator Pros are extremely tough, able to be buried and have a lockable, traffic-able lid. They have a new Australian made controller which is able to handle more adverse conditions.  They also have a longer power lead, and the level controls are more robust.

Upgraded Pumps

We also decided to upgrade the pump, which now has double the pressure of the old unit, and has the advantage of being able to be used under turf straight out of the box.  Because we are manufacturing the greywater units here, we can design the pump selection for any special requirements.

It’s exciting to see our products being accepted in the marketplace, and recently we sent 12 units to Broken Hill for installation in a new Teacher Housing development.

More Information?

Do you need any information about how to save water? Or more details about  the Greywater Gator Pros, Gator Snap Tees? Leave us a message or call us on 03 5258 5193, Bruce is always happy to offer advice.

*This article was originally posted on 22 June, 2012, but I have moved it here for continuity.  The information contained here is still relevant, except for the weather.