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Snapping Up Snap Tees

The New Snap Tee

Last time I mentioned our new 90mm Gator Snap Tee, which is proving to be very popular with plumbers and home handy people.

Bruce is the inventor and patent holder. He has been considering the need for a snap tee for a long time, and finally found the right company to help him develop the fitting.  This Rapid Prototyping company worked with Bruce over about 12 months to develop and fine tune the Snap Tee.  After six or seven prototypes, it was ready to go into production.

Snap Tee Blog

Being a complete non-plumber myself, I have to ask Bruce to explain (yet again) the reason why these are so popular, and what uses they have.  So, for non-plumbers, the uses for the Gator Snap Tee, and the reasons for its rising popularity are explained here:

“If you've ever done any plumbing and cut in a tee to an existing pipe (especially a buried pipe) you’ll know exactly what this tee is for.   No longer do you need a major excavation, three or more fittings and extra pipe. Now you can simply dig a small hole, get the pipe ready, snap on the tee and the job’s complete."

Gator Snap Tee

We've designed the Tee with a screw thread so you can fit it with an Access Cap, which makes it really useful in many applications.

We have also had many requests for a 100mm version, and this is now available.


Plumbers and landscapers are finding the Gator Snap Tee useful in other applications:

  • Easy to install for a first flush diverter to stop leaves and rubbish flowing into your rainwater tank.
  • Easy and quick access to a blocked pipe – you can easily fix overflowing gutters, for example.

We’ve also found that the Gator Snap Tee is popular with golf course Greenkeepers, because it makes it much easier to set up drainage on the greens.


So you can see how much difference this can make to the time it takes to repair pipes, fix blockages and install drainage pipes.  It is a really useful fitting that every plumber should carry with them.

If you have any questions, or need help finding a Snap Tee, leave a comment or give us a call on 0438 763 462.